Nicolas Lavarenne


1953 Nicolas Lavarenne was born on October 2nd in Chamalières, Puy de Dôme.
1978 Meet Jean Cortese who help him make his first steps in ornementals sculptures (at first frames then furnitures).
1983 Installation of his first workshop in the Old town in Nice. His first wood sculptures were created around that time, while still his ornemental style furniture .
1984 Won the Public Award (Prix du Public) at the Biennale of UMAM in Nice.
1987 Early start of his international artistic career. His artworks are on display in New York and Los Angeles. In Cannes, he has created in trois days a giant statue in polystyrene for a movie set.
1992 « L'enragé »the enraged is an evolution in his art. The tense character, in elevation is center in a tetrahedron structure. This art piece is open the way to an amount of declinations, with the theme of tripod and then stilts.
1994 His first solo exhibition abroad took place in Geneva, Switzerland
1997 Exhibition in Saint Paul de Vence, in England and Denmark. Prince Henri of Denmark purchased, too, a sculpture : the « Grand Passeur ».
1998 Exhibition in Paris and also in a solo exhibition in urban setting, in Divonne-les-Bains, Ain. In Berne, Switzerland, installation of a sculpture « l'Archange » during six months under a bridge of the city.
1999 Urban exhibition in the Old City and harbour of Antibes, following his Public Award (Prix du Public) at the group exhibition « Sous le soleil d'Antibes ».Exhibition in the downtown area in Lebanon, in Beyrouth, organised by Fadi Mogabggab gallery, in the public garden of Saint Nicolas.
2000 Solo exhibitions in England in Gillingham Dorset, in Saint Paul de Vence, also in Switzerland, in Neuchâtel.
2001 Exhibition in France, in Paris. First travel in the United States, precisely in Boston to install a sculpture « Grand Passeur », then in New York.
2002 Solo exhibition in Carcès
2003 Solo exhibition in urban setting in Switzerland, in Neuchâtel.
2004 Exhibition in France, in Paris at Sparts Gallery. (exhibited continuously at Sparts Gallery)
2005 Exhibition in France, in Toulouse at the Bennial BEST.
2006 First exhibition in Belgium, in Brussels at the Rollebeek Gallery,
2007 Installation of eight giant pieces on water, in France, in Ornans, in front of the Gourbet Museum.
2008 - Exhibitions in France, in Paris, at Sparts Gallery
- in France in Chambéry at Vaugelas Chapel
- in France, in Seyssel, exhibition « Pont des arts »
- in Belgium, in Brussels at the Rollebeek Gallery
- in France, in Bonson, at the « Festival du Peu »
- Mentor of « No-made 2008 » in France, in Roure
- in France, in Carcès, at the Jas de la Rimade Gallery« Carte blanche à N.Lavarenne »
- in France, in Mandelieu-la-Napoule, at the Chateau de la Napoule« Monumental »
- in France, in Cap d'Ail, exhibition « No-made »
- in France, in Lyon, at the Galerie du Parc
2009 - Exhibitions in France, in Paris, at Sparts Gallery
- in France, in Florac, at the Galerie Arts pont de suspension
- in Switzerland, in Lancy - Geneva, exhibition « Poids plume », at the Galerie ferme de la chapelle
- in France, in Antibes, exhibition « Monde blanc » at Les Cyclades Gallery
2010 - Exhibitions, in France, in Barbizon, exhibition for the 150th anniversary of l'Angélus de Millet
- in France, in Nice, exhibition « Si le printemps revenait »at Château de Valrose
- in Holland, in La Haye, exhibition at Het Klein Huys Gallery
- in France, in Vaison-La-Romaine, exhibition at la Ferme des Arts
- in France, in Brigue, exhibition « Monde blanc » (« White World ») at the Galerie de la Chapelle
- in Holland, in Maastricht, exhibition at the Bell'arte Gallery.
- in France, in Lyon, at the Egregore Gallery
- in France, in Paris, at the Centre Danse du Marais, exhibition of two sculptures : « Scorpion » and « Pirouette »
- in France, in Carros, exhibition « 20 ans de stArt »
2011 - Exhibitions in France, in Paris, at the Sparts Gallery
- in France, in Saint Emilion, at Château Jean Faure
- in France, in Carcès, at the Jas de la Rimade Gallery
- in France, in Nice, at the Lycée Pasteur a monumental sculpture
- in France, in Cannes, esplanade Palais des festivals
- in Monaco, at the Barclay's Club Gallery
2012 Monumental exhibition in France, in Aix-en-Provence,and at the Abbaye of Silvacane, « les yeux du ciel »
2014 - Exhibition in Switzerland, in Interlaken, « Skulp-Tour 2014 »
2015 - Exhibitions in France, in Mougins, group exhibition « Monumental »
- in France, in Sisteron, exhibition « Homo in coelis »
2016 - Exhibitions « A ciel ouvert » in France, in Antibes

There is weight,
grams and kilograms,
gravity holding you down to the earth,
there is that heaviness keeping you stuck
to the ground,
then there is abstraction
lifting you above constraints,
that longing
which releases you from the concrete and
from the present moment’s obligations
there is a need to dream...
dream of everything that is inscribed in a
naked movement
above and beyond what meets the eye
to imagine you are transparent, or as light
as an angel or a thought
Deep within himself, as though great
vanity and humility meet,
Man sees he is both all and nothing
He knows his gestural intimacy
he knows his fragility
Inscribed in a process which is beyond
him, a timeless, limitless cosmos,
Man sees he exists from his reflection in
a lake,
but as the water of the mirror ripples in
the wind,
suddenly, he no longer recognizes
and so awakens to his ephemeral
He plays with his limbs
he waves his arms about as if to prove to
himself that he can
pass all tests or conquer adversity.
He wishes to endure the pain of effort
until he understands the sense of
Elegance and Beauty.
And when he nears either of these
he is filled with joy,
as he knows that at this precise moment,
he can guess what the word “timeless”